Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tower Bridge, St.Paul's, Millennium Bridge and a French Cafe!

Today was another spectacular day in London! The day dawned bright and blue with sunshine! We landed at the Marylebone station and started the day off right with English Pasties. These delicious little meat pies are divine and make the perfect hot meal for a chilly London morning. There is every flavor you can imagine! Most of us had chicken and mushroom. Carson had bacon and cheese. Tanner ate both and couldn't decide...

If you ever venture to Marelybone station, you'll have to stop at the Cornish Pasty Co. It's our new favorite dish we've got to try to make at home.

From there, our navigators Heath and Tanner have mastered the London Underground and we were on our way to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge!

Note: it appears that we only took one outfit to London! I promise that is not the case. And I can tell that I will probably want to burn my new pink raincoat upon my return to the USA. At least it's a cheerful color!

Ahem...anyway, see below the Tower Bridge- Awesome!

Tower of London was so interesting. I kept thinking it must have been pretty cold and scary over the years to live in that palace. Especially since King Henry VIII was irritable, but also because it was a little clausto!

The tiny winding staircases were smaller than my feet! The boys loved the armor and the torture chambers of course, and I thought the Crown Jewels were rather impressive. They have a special presentation because this year is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

We spent all day at the Tower, exploring every nook and cranny. There is so much history for hundreds of years, I could study it for months and not remember a thing! It was a great experience to see it in person- perhaps that will improve my ability to retain it.

Around five, we headed over to St. Paul's Cathedral which was just closing. I wanted to stand on the steps and sing the songs from Mary Poppins and My Fair Lady. A reenactment was frowned upon by my traveling companions, so I refrained. But I do a fab Eliza Doolittle, I'm sure it would have drawn a crowd!

We took a long walk across Millennial Bridge. Most famous in our minds because of Harry Potter. We were able to safely make it across without encountering any dark wizards or death eaters. Whew! That was close...

Then we headed back to St. Paul's in search of dinner and found the most delightful little French cafe, Cafe Rouge. One look at the menu which included Beouf Borgoneaune and I could look no further! Tres Magnifique! oops.. We aren't in France. Well, you'll just have to indulge me, I have a weakness for Beouf and Dauffinos Potatoes. It was delicious!

Until tomorrow....

Location:Blyton Close,Beaconsfield,United Kingdom

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  1. i love your pink rain coat! mom and i climbed all those steps to the top of st. pauls cathedral! i love the picture of the boys in the staircase! keep the posts coming! i love this and i love you all of course!