Sunday, April 15, 2012

Salisbury Cathedral and Stourhead

On Friday we woke up early and wandered the quaint little town of Salisbury. It is a lovely little village with nice shops and a beautiful cathedral. The cathedral houses one of the oldest known clocks in the world and a spire that weighs 6500 tonnes.

It is also here that I found my favorite shop in all of England called Forever England. I purchased a beautiful new bed spread, shams and a white cotton night dress. I will have to share those with you when we get home. My quilting friends, you will love it!

From Salisbury we made our way to Stourhead House and Gardens. This is An incredible garden made for entertaining. The house has a rather sad story, including abandoned children, death, and fire. Not all at the same time...

The garden, however was a true masterpiece. This garden is where the most recent version of Pride and Prejudice was filmed- the one with Kiera Knightley- not the six hour version with Colin Firth. Remember Elizabeth's distressed run across the bridge in the rain followed by Mr. Darcy's passionate yet poorly worded proposal?

What a wonderful and romantic park filled with fantastic places to explore. I loved this little cottage where I pictured Snow White to live with the Seven Dwarves. Then there was the underground grotto with secrets hidden inside.

What an amazing treasure to find. I am so grateful to Michele for knowing all the sights that you must see when in England and many do not. A lovely day with my dear Mr. Vintage... My Mr. Darcy.

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