Monday, April 9, 2012

London! I've got my Eye on You...

Today we arrived in the grand city of London! The boys took their first train and Underground rides and look wht we beheld as we came up out of the Underground?

There was Big Ben in full glory. We headed out to the Parliament Building and then over to the London Eye for an introduction to this great city from a birds eye view. Even though it was raining like crazy, we could still see all the landmarks across the city. It was fantastic!

Then it was off to Westminster Abbey. It is as beautiful in person as it is on TV. I could pick out all the famous places from the Royal Wedding. They have a great audio tour so we knew what we were looking at and who was buried where. It was really impressive.

After the Abbey, we were at that starving and ornery part of the day, so we headed off down a street to find some eats. We ended up at a quaint little pub for a Plowman's lunch. It was quite good, although I will say that "cold pork pie" is not on my list of favorites- more like on my list of things to never eat ever again. I will stick to fish and chips!

We were surprised to find that we had headed off in a much different direction than we thought, and were actually quite close to Trafalgar Square. We only had an hour before closing,but we headed into the National Gallery to take in the Masters. I thought that The Hooligans would hate it, but they were actually quite enthralled and Carson is quite well versed in VanGogh and Monet and even knew my favorite artist, Seraut! Apparently he pays better attention than any of us thought! It was one of our favorite stops.

From there we moved down to Picadilly Circus. We stopped by the Amex Office and took a picture for a shout out to all my colleagues! YAY Amex!

Then it was off to Selfridges for French Macarons (Heath has an eagle eye for Macarons and I had to chase down the girl carrying a bag of them to find out where she got them.) After checking our map, we realized that Selfridges is quite a ways from Picadilly, so we took our first solo adventure on the Underground. Heath is an excellent navigator thank goodness and we were warm and cozy in no time enjoying our French Macarons in jolly old England.

It was a lovely day. Although it rained and rained and rained some more, that didn't stop us from seeing London and loving it!

Location:Blyton Close,Beaconsfield,United Kingdom


  1. I was there several years ago and as I read your wonderful descriptions, I could picture the sounds and smells and all the wonderful things that London has to offer....enjoy!

  2. i agree with joyce. your descriptions make me feel like i'm there! Carson's face tells me that the "great audio tour" was not his favorite! I loved Trafalgar Square! Are you going to Covent Garden? That's where the clown guy flipped me off. It was my first experience in England and then I was ready to just go home! Did Heath approve of the macarons? What did I tell you about getting hungry on vacation? DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! Haha! LOVE YOU!