Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Today we had a most enjoyable Easter, complete with the bunny finding us all the way over on the other side of the world! Here Zane is showing us his chocolate bunny and chicks...I think he ate everyone's by the time the day was over!

We went to church (in Levi's because we forgot our Sunday clothes- that felt awkward), but no one cared and we were warmly welcomed. It was fun to meet LDS members from another continent.

After church, Michele made the most delicious meal of ham, potatoes and homemade rolls. Then we headed out for a walk in the countryside. It was beautiful and perfect and I expected Jane Austen to come walking along the path any minute!

Along the trail, we found the lamppost which marks the entrance to Narnia-right here in Beaconsfield! No sign of Mr. Thomnas though... Or the white queen, thank goodness.

The kids found several tree bridges and termed them the "Bridge of Death." Very dramatic.

Tomorrow we are off to London on the 9:40 Train. We can't wait!

Location:Beaconsfield, England

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  1. oh my this is so beautiful! jane austen is dead, so pray for Colin Firth to come walking along! Yes PLEASE!