Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh Witchy Poo!

This post is to be read in your best Sanderson Sisters voice... can you hear it?  Ok, now go...

Halloween is here!  This is my favorite holiday of the whole year. I love it even more than my birthday and Christmas.  I take every opportunity to dress up in my witch-poo moo moo and prance around town with my gaggle of witchy poo sisters. 
 Today was Breakfast with a  Witch! The kids all join us for a most enjoyable frolic.  What a great group of cousins - the hooligans, T,W,R and this year G joined the gang. He is so sweet. Yodelayheehoo! The eldest hooligan has a new girlfriend - Brazillia the Witch.  She loves him lots- she even sang him a love song on stage.  He swore me to secrecy, so naturally you are the first to read all about it! 
Last weekend was Witch's Night Out and Witch-A-Palooza!  This is a long tradition we enjoy with thousands of other cacklers at Gardner Village. I wait all year long for this one night out on the town with the girls. Some of the witches would like to skip it next year - they need a good kick from my broom ... oh Ye Witchy Poopers.   
  Happy Halloween to you...and your little dog too!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chicken Picatta

I've been on a bit of a cooking spree. I decided that the old standbys are just that - old. You see, like many other girls I know, I am an avid collector of cookbooks, which look lovely and appetizing on the shelf but seem rather daunting from an actual implementation perspective. Sometimes I don't have a single ingredient called for or the contents require a trip to a foreign land to obtain (hmmm... maybe that's not so bad). Anyway - I decided it's high time I started actually using my cookbooks for their intended purpose - delicious non-standbys that make husband and hooligans happy campers.

Here's tonight's adventure - Chicken Picatta by the lovely and talented Ms. Ina Garten.

This is a marvelous lemony, buttery and crispy chicken dish which allows you to get out all your aggression by beating the chicken breasts to a lovely, tender and juicy piece of heaven.

Caution: It's very lemony - VERY LEMONY. My dear sister, J. Alfreda Hill will NOT love this dish - she has a strong aversion to lemons (she's a sweety, not a tart). For those who prefer the tart, this is the dish. We snarfed it up in 10 minutes or less and loved every bite. So get cooking girls! Here's the recipe: Chicken Picatta


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Winners!

It's been several weeks since I posted the Hobo Bundle / Tin Foil Dinner Challenge.  I'm so sad to report that the entries were very few.  In fact there were only three, so that means that everyone wins!  Wahoo!  Let's all get together and I'll make you some delicious french comfort food since the winter months are already upon us.

Lindsey South's Submission:
Bacon-Wrapped Teriyaki Chicken Skewers
Chicken Breast (cut into bite size pieces)
Bacon- NOT thick cut (cut into thirds)
Pineapple chunks
Teriyaki sauce

1. Cut Bacon into thirds. Count how many pieces you have and then keep that in mind when cutting up the chicken breasts.

2. Drain the pineapple. Set up a workstation with kabob skewers, chicken, bacon and pineapple.

3. Wrap a piece of bacon around a piece of chicken and thread onto the skewer and top with a piece of pineapple. Repeat twice (or until you fill up the skewer.)

4. Place skewers in a heavy duty ziplock bag and marinate in 1/2 cup teriyaki sauce for 4-8 hours. (obviously keep them in a cooler)

5. Place skewers in foil and baste with teriyaki sauce. Close up foil and place on coals.

6. Check after about 10 minutes, turn over the skewer and baste again with teriyaki sauce. And cook for another 10 minutes. They should cook rather quickly because they are bite size!


We tried this and everyone LOVED it!  Good recipe sis.  Thank you for participating.

Kris Belcher's Submission:
Mexican Oatmeal Cake
1 cup oatmeal
11/2 boiling water
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar
2 eggs 1/2 cup oil
Let stand until cool.
Sift in:
11/2 cups flour
1 tsp soda
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
Pour batter into foil-lined 12" Dutch oven. Cook 10-20 mins with minimal heat on bottom and majority on top.
6 Tbsp butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup canned milk
Boil together for 5 mins. Add 1/2 cup pecans. spread over cake while warm.
Ooh Yum - we all agreed this takes the cake! Thank you Kris.
So there you have it!  Two new yummy recipes to try next time you're out trailering. Eat Up!