Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Delightful English Garden

It's sad to say, but we have come to the point in our journey where we are all just exhausted. The point where the idea of driving for two hours to see Canterbury Cathedral sounds like 60 days in the desert without water. The point where, if we were on a road trip, we would head for home.

But since we can't fly home until Friday, we call our good friend Michele who has welcomed us so graciously into her home, and ask if we can come back to their house and the comfort of their hospitality for the last few nights. We are done driving on the left. We are done wandering about looking for thatched roof houses. We are done.

So we abandoned our plan for Brighton and Canterbury and headed back to Beaconsfield. On the way back, Michele suggested we stop at Hampton Court Palace. It is one of her favorites and it was on our list. What a treat that was indeed. Take a look...

This is the most beautiful garden I've seen in this lovely country. It is sunken and surrounded by stone walls, so it retains heat and therefore was just in the perfect time of bloom. It was completely spectacular. It completely revived our spirits. This made it worth the trip alone and I could have spent all day just gazing. The palace is also quite impressive...

But the gardens stole the show!

Today we went to the British Museum for a bit and saw all the Egyptian Mummies. That was only fun for about an hour, so we went exploring for Portobello Road's famed antique shops. We found lots of treasures we can't take home in our suitcase, but loved the shops and got lots of inspiration. A good day overall. Tomorrow is our last! We can't decide if we have it in us to explore Windsor Castle. We still haven't received an invite from the queen... I'm sure it s just a mix up with the Royal Mail.


Location:Hampton Court Palace, London

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