Monday, April 2, 2012

New Arrival on the Ranch

This weekend started out so sunny and nice we had to escape to the ranch.  And look at the new arrival we found there!
Meet Homer.  He is  a sweet little calf born just a week ago.  Poor little Homer, his mama died giving birth to him and so he's been bottle fed. He is so sweet and gentle, and just the right size to play.
He followed the boys right out of the coral...he knew what was coming. 
Lunch Time!

Followed by Recess!

We wanted to bring Homer home. Unfortunately, Mr. Vintage said "No." "Homer is only going to get bigger." and "We're not zoned for that."  Party pooper...

We are so happy that spring has arrived and we have many fun adventures to come this summer. Have you ever seen happier boys? 

Fresh air, sunshine and babies... Life is good.

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