Monday, May 30, 2011

Say "Hello!" to The Boss Lady

Six Years - 6 Years - six annees -seis anos - sest godina (thats croatian for my friend Emily).  Thats how long my quest lasted.  The quest that brought me to The Boss Lady. My very own gleaming silver, 27 ft. of stunning vintage.

She may not appear to be gleaming, and yes, she has a few little bumps and dents, but give her a break - she was built in 1970!  She's older than me and in trailer years she's a senior citizen.

My quest included a bit of trailer stalking - mostly on the internet at first, but most of them were in far away lands - like Iowa and North Carolina. Getting a vintage from one of these remote locales would require lots of cash and prayers, not to mention nothing but hope that it was actually in the condition it appeared on Ebay. Hmmm...a scary proposition. Mr. Vintage Trailer was afraid one day I was going to crack and buy one of the beauties on Ebay, so he joined in my quest on the local level. It was actually Mr. Vintage that found her tucked away on an obscure side street in our little home town. Trouble was, she wasn't actually for sale... not a problem for the Vintage Trailer Lady as I am a seasoned Trailer Stalker. So with embarrassed hooligans in tow, I marched right up to the door of the little house and asked who the owner was.  

Turns out The Boss Lady was just visiting for a few minor plumbing improvements, but I was able to get the name and phone number of the current owner. That's when the true stalking began. I called that number at least 100 times with no luck. I learned later that these nice gentlemen were big fans of fishing and golfing and not so interested in answering their cell phones...and for that matter no clue how to get their messages. Finally one day a nice lady answered the phone!  She probably wondered who the loony was that kept calling. I left a good old fashioned paper message and within a couple of hours, I had the man on the phone. He was a bit surprised and had to check with his after a few phone calls and some high pressure cost negotiations at last we reached an agreement. Soon she would be mine. 

A few days later, Mr.& Mrs. Vintage Trailer and the Hooligans met the kind fishermen at the trailer locale and brought the bag of cash. Sounds rather clandestine doesn't it? With one look inside this beautiful tin can, I was taken - and Mr. Vintage agreed.  Mine at last!  A bonafide 1970 Silver Streak Atlas. No, she's not an Airstream, she is a much more rare and less known cousin and...she's perfect in every way.  

Next time I'll show you the inside - for now just bask in her lovely exterior.  Mon Chere! 

Postscript: For more info on Silver Streaks, check out the Vintage Trailer Resources page.


  1. I'm really kinda sad that this post didn't end with you getting a restraining order served to you... Haha! Again, I had no idea how you came to find the boss lady. I love hearing all of these stories. It's like your very own VH1 Behind the Music! I love this blog! And I love you!

  2. You forgot to write about the nights you spent tossing and turning in anticpation of the "take-over"! You were like a kid at 2:00 on Christmas morning!

  3. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see her interior!


  4. I Have always known you get what you want, and will stop at nothing to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!She is a beauty,and I hope you are truly enjoying her.