Friday, May 27, 2011

My First Encounter with the REAL THING!

In spring of 2008, Mr. Vintage and I took a trip to the littlest town we love the most - Blanding, Utah. During our visit to Jick - Ms. Original Vintage,  I took the hooligans out for their first glimpse at Natural Bridges National Park.  It was on the road - at a rest stop west of civilization that I spied this gleaming, sparkly vision of vintage.

This is when the hooligans dubbed me "the trailer stalker" because I had to see it!  I had to know it's story. It called to me like a magnet - that sticks to aluminum (huh?...I don't know, just go with it).  Turns out, Vintage Trailer people LOVE to tell you their story, take you inside and show you around.  This was my first encounter with the REAL vintage. 

What I beheld,and now share with you,is a circa 1930s Airstream Clipper (as near as I can tell based on the archive at VintageAirstream). 

Rescued from certain death in a field in Arizona, this loving couple put her on a trailer for a restful ride to their home in Oregon, where my new friend spent six months, 10 hours a day, restoring life into this little belle. She is truly remarkable - all shined up, you can see your reflection in the surface. On the inside, she's all done up in fine Hawaiian style - complete with bobble head hula girl.

She is still the eldest of the trailers I've seen on the roads and by far, the most memorable. Pure Airstream Love...that's what it is. Gotta gitcha some! 

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  1. It's so pretty! And I can see how you easily got hooked on this obsession. I'd have to agree with the boys that you are a trailer stalker. I experienced this first hand on our way to Yellowstone. I had no idea what was going on when all of a sudden you started screaming and pointing. I was quite relieved when I saw that you were excited about a trailer and that you weren't witnessing a horrible accident... The scream was hard to distinguish. This happened several times during our road trip!