Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inside the Boss Lady: Your Private Tour

As the saying goes - It's what's on the inside that counts. So here she is... the heart of my home away from home, my escape pod, my island of calm, my deep breath. My little piece of vintage. 
collage by Lindsey South
Sadly, in my enthusiasm to rid my lady of her moldy carpet, kipper snacks and cheap cigars (mementos left behind), I didn't take any "Before" photos! So just trust me on this - the "After" is much better.

It took a few minor "cosmetic enhancements" - you know the standard brow lift, chin tuck, some collagen and yards and yards of cowgirl fabric, to make this transformation complete. 

My bedroom is super cozy with Mr.& Mrs. Vintage Trailer together in an almost-full size bed. I added a fully enclosed mattress cover and a thick feather bed to make this the most comfy napping spot on earth. 
Throw in a few fun quilts and pillows and we can camp in comfort no matter what the weather. Sometimes I don't even want to leave the trailer!  I'll just stay right here and read my book or sew something fun. Don't bother me - I'm camping. 
My little dresser holds photos of Jick and Gene and the littlest hooligan in his cowboy getup along with my favorite cowboy lamp. This summer I've added a vintage cover straight from Jicky (photos to come later). Now it's extra special!  
In the living room, the hooligans get plenty of space to spread out as the table coverts to a humongous queen size bed that they love. During the day there's plenty of room for a rousing game of Uno or legos or sword know, in case Darth Vader drops by.
Mr. Vintage Trailer is THE man - he painted the ceilings, recovered the floor and kept at it until every single appliance(including the water heater and shower)were in working order. Hallelujah - camping with a full bathroom, clean skin and freshly washed hair! I's rough.
So this is my girl - The Boss Lady.  She's one of a kind and my favorite place to be - with the people I love all in 27 ft. of kitschy cowgirl beauty, worn out from a day of adventures and ready for whatever we find tomorrow.  Let's go campin!


  1. I think the insides of the Boss Lady is what make her unique and memorable. Your vision really made this trailer a home away from home!

  2. I love your trailer, the pictures do not do it justice! You are so creative and really know how to make your visions reality!!