Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How the Obsession Began

It all began with a little article in my mother-in-law's April 2002 Country Living Magazine. The article was "Cowgirl Caravan." Four pages - lots of pictures - and I would never be the same. These Cowgirls were the coolest bunch of women I'd ever seen. Each of them (only seven at the time) had the most amazing, cowboy kitschy vintage trailers my eyes had ever beheld. All decked out in vintage cowgirl. The article told of their two-week trips in the west every summer with no kids and no husband, staying in these delightful homes on wheels. They shared a sisterhood of camping, fishing and the ultimate weekend campout among friends. I fell in love and my dream was born. Someday...I'm going to be one of 'em.

Meet The Sisters on the Fly. That little group of seven has grown to almost 200 nearly 10 years later and every year a few more sisters are added. Mosey on over to and see what it's all about. They also have a new book out that Mr. Vintage Trailer gave me - which only fueled the obsession and now armed me with a few tidbits of information on how to restore these lovely beauties. You too can find it on the sisters website for just $14.99. Well worth it - I read it cover to cover that very day and I've read it many times over. It's a great big dose of inspiration for the Vintage Trailer Lady!

Since that April day in 2002, I've kept that magazine - part of my inheritence - all these years and started my own quest to find my own vintage trailer. This blog is all about my vintage trailer obsession and adventures with family and friends as we set out to see America. Soon you'll be ready to find a little belle to make your own too. Trust me - it's fun to be a Vintage Trailer Lady.
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  1. This is so awesome VTLady! I didn't know how the obsession started! It's really fun to hear the history behind your crazy love! I can picture you now with those cowgirls out on the open road with the Boss Lady in tow. The Boss Lady is such a beauty that any one of them would be impressed! I'm excited to see more on this fun new blog!