Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chicken Picatta

I've been on a bit of a cooking spree. I decided that the old standbys are just that - old. You see, like many other girls I know, I am an avid collector of cookbooks, which look lovely and appetizing on the shelf but seem rather daunting from an actual implementation perspective. Sometimes I don't have a single ingredient called for or the contents require a trip to a foreign land to obtain (hmmm... maybe that's not so bad). Anyway - I decided it's high time I started actually using my cookbooks for their intended purpose - delicious non-standbys that make husband and hooligans happy campers.

Here's tonight's adventure - Chicken Picatta by the lovely and talented Ms. Ina Garten.

This is a marvelous lemony, buttery and crispy chicken dish which allows you to get out all your aggression by beating the chicken breasts to a lovely, tender and juicy piece of heaven.

Caution: It's very lemony - VERY LEMONY. My dear sister, J. Alfreda Hill will NOT love this dish - she has a strong aversion to lemons (she's a sweety, not a tart). For those who prefer the tart, this is the dish. We snarfed it up in 10 minutes or less and loved every bite. So get cooking girls! Here's the recipe: Chicken Picatta


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  1. When I was over, I thought your display of cooking (noodles and ragu) was quite good, no? Although now that you mention it, Heath didn't seem too impressed at the time. That dish does look good!