Monday, June 20, 2011

The Boss Lady's Little Brother

Behold - a Silver Streak Camper! While venturing through the West Valley "hood" yesterday, we spotted my vintage trailer's brother - a truck bed camper. I knew these existed, but I'd never actually seen one with my own eyes! I almost hyperventilated - I was speechless- good thing Mr. Vintage is proficient in Vintage Trailer charades and knew I wasn't in need of the Heimlich. Yes, he looks rather strange and would probably turn heads on the back of a truck, but that's the beauty! Someone loves this one - not a dent or scratch to be seen on the top.

The hoodlums and the Mr. were too embarrassed to let me go knock on the door to get an inside view. So here's a look at the outside - pretty cool eh? Sweet!

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