Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The French Obsession

Well it's been, well forever, since I've written a blog post and so much has happened that I don't even know where to begin. So a quick status update:

We have moved to Kentucky! Holy Smokes! You heard right, we are 2000 miles away from home and in almost the most foreign land you can be in while still being in the United States. We moved from suburbia to the country and now live on the prettiest little 10 acre pad I've ever seen. We finally have the little white farm house of my dreams and our only neighbors are cows. It is like being in a dream. I love it and only wish we had our whole family to share it with.

The sad news, I'm no longer the Vintage Trailer Lady. It was a sad day when I watched my beautiful Boss Lady pull away behind someone else's truck. But she was too big and too beautiful to attempt this cross country adventure. So instead I sold her to a fabulous Vegas Singer who has named her the Queen Mary Mae and is, at this very moment, celebrating her new debut at Pismo Beach! She has found a new home with a couple that love her even more than I did! So all is well...on to new adventures.

The interesting thing about Kentucky is that there is a London, Paris and Versailles! None of which are pronounced correctly, but I choose to ignore that fact. It could be because the gorgeous green rolling hills of Kentucky look surprisingly like the green rolling hills of England and the picturesque fields of France! Whoever those pioneers were who settled this region must have also been far away from all that they loved and so they named places after their homeland to help ease their transition.

Somehow along this little journey It's kind of started me on a return to my obsession with all things French. It's slightly crazy, but I've finally dusted off the Rosetta Stone, purchased a $10 in the car French language CD and dug out the Coffee break French archives ...it's serious this time! I'm learning this beautiful language if it's the last thing I do! To aide in my learning, I've coerced a friend of mine into going to French Camp in Minnesota with me next May! I'm so excited, but truly that's very little time to prepare for full immersion in the French language. Becky is already fluent and has a French speaking club that she goes to every week. The French club here isn't suitable for a lady...ahem. So I won't be doing that. My French club consists of two boys who could care less, shriek and plug their ears when the "French Freaks" come on in the car... They just need to go to France, then they will understand.

Perhaps it's that we live in the wilderness that I've started cooking again. If you want fine dining here, you have to make it yourself. So I've taken this opportunity to add to my French Cookbook collection with a lovely volume by Thomas Keller, Bouchon. On Sunday night I made THE most delectable roast chicken I have ever eaten. It's no wonder Julie Child's favorite food was a simple roast chicken. ( I know this because I'm reading her biography) It's magical! You simply buy a whole chicken, then wash it out, dry it off well, salt and pepper, truss (get someone to help you with this step), and put it in a 450 oven for 60 minutes. Tres Magnifique! Simply the easiest chicken recipe ever and you will swoon! French food....Je t'aime.

You'll want to buy this one...

I bid you Adieu pour l'instant! Abiento!

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