Friday, June 29, 2012

Roundup 2012

It's that time of year!  The annual Lehi Roundup Celebration!  Our most favorite part, the Stock Parade was last night.  This is our most favorite because lots of our favorite people are yearly celebrities  and we love to wave at them!   So let the parade begin...
God Bless America!

My big brother Lyman and darling niece Chelsee!

Hey he is smiling!  Doing what he loves. 

Presenting the Lehi FFA!

FFA V.P. my niece, Addie Beck! WOOT WOOT!

Our cousin Miles on Mr. Shorty with friend Hopes.
Lookin' good Miles!

And now the best little pony cart in the whole western United States!
Filled with our Cousins Tate,Whit,Reese,Aunt Kelli,Grandpa Lynn and GG  

The Cutest Little Cowboys in the Country.
Ah, we love this part of summer.  Home town celebrations with the people you love are the best!  Happy Summer Everyone.


  1. Cute pictures Steph. geez most of it was family!!!

  2. Hey! I finally am starting to work on catching up my blog... it's your turn now! Thanks for documenting. Sad I missed everything that is "the Roundup" this year... or am I?