Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Memories 2011

We've had a crazy Christmas Season. As the boys are growing older, the mystery isn't there so much, but they play along - I'm sure for my benefit. I believed in the jolly old elf until the year I got married - there's nothing wrong with that! 

December started with the Festival of Trees, decorating and cookies! Well... Mr. Vintage decorated the house,I mostly stood by and offered moral support and criticism. Didn't he do a marvelous job? Nice work Mr. V! Aunt Kelli brought the cookies,the frosting and the sprinkles! hmm... maybe I need to be a better Christmas supporter as all I've done so far is show up and instruct. Well, you know what they say - "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter."

Anyway, moving on...Then it was the Miller Family Party - also at our house - also with everyone bringing in the food! Anytime you would like me to host a party where you bring everything,I am happy to oblige!

The Nativity is my favorite part of Christmas and it's always made better when we have a sweet new baby to play the role. This is my beautiful sister Lindsey,her husband Marc and baby Luke. So sweet, we all had tears. 
It's my mom's tradition to always makes the girls a beautiful handmade gift.  This year it was aprons. You are awesome mom!

Finally it was Christmas Eve! And a great party at GG's House. GG is the ultimate hostess - she wont let anyone bring anything and she made the best dinner we've ever had - Prime Rib and super delicious mushrooms, brussel sprouts and potatoes. Awesome! We hope she'll invite us every year. 

At last it was here - Christmas Day! We opened presents, visited family, listened to the choir sing, ate lots of cheese in many forms and fell into a deep, deep christmas sleep. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nap!

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  1. Your home is always beautifully decorated thanks to you standing back and offering your moral support and criticism! Thank you for hosting a wonderful family party, and thanks for inviting us to the festival of trees to see Carson! We always have a great time with Aunt Steph! We love you so much!