Monday, August 22, 2011

Boss Lady Campout 2011

We finally escaped!  Last Wednesday we loaded up the hooligans, Mr."F" and the Boss Lady and joined a caravan of our best friends to enjoy a few days of freedom in the great outdoors.  
We traveled just 10 miles away from the every day into the extraordinary. It was our first campout this summer, and sadly, the weekend before school started- so we made the most of it! 

The boys spent most of their time fishing. Our friend McKinley taught the eldest hooligan how to clean the fish and prepare it for dinner - delicious! At last count, I think the total catch from all the children was nine and somewhat like the loaves and the fishes, it miraculously fed 26 people.  It's a camping miracle!   
We spent the rest of the time taking walks through the campground, wading in the river, taking a few naps, and "eating delicious hot shmoes!" Grandma and Papa Mick even came for a tin foil dinner. 

Oh if we could only make it last all summer.  I love spending time in the mountains with the hooligans and our friends.  These are an awesome bunch of camping buddies, inspired chefs and fine entertainment! 10 Adults, 16 Kids, 2 Dogs and hundreds of memories. Camping at it's finest.
L-R:  Mr. Vintage, The Calls, The Freemans, The Labrams
And the best part of all?  When we got home, Mr. Vintage parked the trailer (with no help from me) on the first try! Now that's a camping miracle - way to go Mr. Vintage - You ROCK!

Until next year...keep camping, my friends.

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